My 40-year-old husband is so obsessed with TikTok he forgets about our family’

A woman has sparked a debate online, after confessing her 40-year-old husband is so obsessed with TikTok he can spend hours on end scrolling through his phone when he should be spending time with his kids.

We all know social media can be addictive, and if you’ve ever tried to go onto TikTok for just a couple of minutes, you’ll know how easily it can turn into half an hour and so on.

But, is it ever really acceptable to spend hours at a time on the video-sharing app when you have responsibilities such as children and a wife to spend time with?

“My husband has an obsession with TikTok and he’s 40, by the way, not 14. He takes his phone to the bathroom and will spend ages just mindlessly scrolling,” an unnamed woman explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“We have two young kids and I think he just does it for some peace.”

While there’s no doubt all parents have their own coping mechanisms, she says she’s often forced to go and check on him after he disappears, only to find he has once again fallen down the TikTok trap.

“I’m constantly having to go and knock on the door are you okay? Are you going to be long? Will you come and help with the tiny humans? It’s a pain the a**,” she added.

However, it’s the most recent incident which has sparked the debate, after the man missed an entire roast dinner with his family because he was sat on the toilet on his phone.

“I was making a full roast dinner and saw him heading off upstairs. I said it’ll be ready in 20 minutes don’t be long. Set the table, Finished cooking, plated up got the kids to the table and just thought I’m not going to seek him this is ridiculous,” she said.

So, instead of going upstairs to call of her adult husband, she decided to see how long it would take before he would come down on his own accord.

Two hours and 10 minutes.

“In that time we had finished the meal, I had cleaned the kitchen and the floor, done the dishes and done a load of laundry and the kids were halfway through a film,” the woman continued.

“He came down and yelled at me that I should have told him the meal was ready. I told him I’m not his mother and it’s not my job to go and seek him.”

The husband then stormed out of the house, refusing to eat the dinner she had prepared for him “as roast dinners are rubbish heated in the microwave and this is all my fault.”

People in the comments on Reddit took the wife’s side, with one asking: “Are you SURE he’s not 14? Storming out because you didn’t tell him the dinner you made was ready after you told him it would be 20 minutes is something a 14-year-old would do.

“A 40-year-old should apologise for taking so long and thank you for making dinner, feeding his kids and cleaning up.”

Meanwhile, another branded the man ‘repulsive’ for locking himself away instead of cherishing the time he has with his family.

“Deliberately separating myself for hours so I can play on the internet is just repulsive, to me,” they wrote. “Kids need a model for healthy behaviour. Jamming your nose into your phone for hours on end isn’t a good example to set for them. Neither is locking yourself away, missing a family meal to do it or yelling at your spouse for your lack of self-control.”

However, another Reddit user suggested people should be more sympathetic towards the reasons the husband might feel the need to shut himself away, suggesting there could be mental health issues at play.