Mum’s optical illusion of daughter sinking into concrete is ‘melting people’s brains’

A mum has baffled the internet by sharing a picture that appears to show her daughter sinking into concrete.

In the optical illusion, the young girl can be seen but she’s only visible above the waste – with her lower half inexplicably sinking into the ground which borders a grassy area.

The mum was confused by the image so she shared it online to see if others would be able to figure it out, but soon she was inundated with posts from people saying it had ‘melted their brains’.

But some other’s could tell what was happening and quickly pointed it out in the comments, so can you figure it out?

The original picture has received almost than 70,000 likes and countless comments from people confessing it took them a minute to figure out what was happening.

One user posted: “Great one OP! I’ll admit I had to come to the comments for this one and still struggled a bit.”

Another said: “I am sick of seeing this because my brain can’t work it out.”

And another said: “I thought she was just in a hole in the ground. The shadow would still be in the same place so that wouldn’t really help if I didn’t know any better.”

Then someone cracked it, adding: “Everyone who saw it just keeps saying ‘there’s a wall’ instead of saying that the entire foreground is like an elevated plateau and she is standing behind it.

“I kept looking for a wall between the grass and the girl and it was melting my brain.”

And another correctly pointed out: “Zoom and see the shadow of her head and shoulders cast to the lower left along the top of the wall.”