Woman horrified after discovering mum ‘paid fiancé’ to go out with her

A furious bride has revealed how she found out her mum paid her fiancé to date her.

The anonymous woman spoke out about the deceit on Buzzfeed after it asked readers to share the reasons why they’d called off their weddings.

She said that she’d been with her boyfriend for just two months when he proposed.

“It was all so fast and I was head over heels, so when he proposed with a massive diamond, I just went for it and said yes. I had nothing to lose,” she explained.

The pair were smitten and started planning the reception straight away.

But when her parents insisted to pay for everything, suspicions arose.

At first, her mum bought her the most gorgeous – and expensive – dress, then her parents offered to foot the bill for the entire day.

“I always asked him why his parents wouldn’t pay, but my parents would butt in and say they insisted, and he claimed his family was poor,” she added.

Seeing as her fiance had picked out a pretty blingy engagement ring, things didn’t add up.

So, she went to the store he purchased it from to find out its true value.

When the shop assistant saw the ring, he instantly remembered who’d bought it.

The bride said: “The man at the store said it was one-of-a-kind and he remembered it being bought. Apparently, my fiancé didn’t buy it, my mother did…”

Apparently, her mum had bought ring a month before they’d even started dating.

So, she confronted her parents about it.

She continued: “It turns out, she met him through a friend and paid him to go out on our first date (to a five-star restaurant). She paid for all of our dates and, of course, my wedding because she was so desperate for me to get married and he was just in it for the money.”

After the truth came out, the woman, who is bisexual – something she felt her family never fully accepted – revealed that she was able to date who she wanted.

She concluded: “I am now dating a wonderful woman and my mother and I no longer speak.”